Latest Seminar Topics

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One of the most important parts of Engineering, though, is a Seminar means willingness to learn from those who’ve already been around for a bit. Here is the latest topics of seminar.

Dream Reader

What will happen if you can see your dream's repeat telecast in morning.? you can watch on your laptop what you in night dreams. In future it will become possible to record your dream. Using pillows with conducting fibres in the fabric, it will be possible to see monitor electrical activity from the brain.This will not only show when someone is dreaming, but recent developments indicate that we’ll also be able to tell what they are dreaming about. It is also possible for two friends to share dreams. One will try to enter in a friend’s dream in the same direction, so that they could effectively share their dream, and may even be able to interact in it.

Video Tattoos

persons who fond of tattoos soon be able to have electronic displays printed on their body, just like the ones you have for temporary tattoos that you put on your skin. You will also be able to get Video makeup. You would just wipe it all over your face and then touch it to, and it will instantly become whatever you want. You will be able to change your appearance several times a day depending on your mood. With them you could turn your whole forearm into a computer display.Anyone with ordinary tattoos will surely like video tattoo./p>

LaCie Rugged Key

The LaCie RuggedKey is built to withstand accidental drops from heights far above what you'd encounter on your way to the office. Its rubber construction is 100-meter drop-resistant. That means ultimate protection for your key – and your data – for all of life's little stumbles. The RuggedKey has a USB 3.0 interface and file transfer speed of up to 150 MB/s, but it's also backward compatible with USB 2.0. The USB also comes with AES 256-bit encryption for data security.

Google Driverless Car

Designed to resemble a city car, the car has two seats and is made from a soft foam-like material. As the car is fully autonomous there is no steering wheel or pedals, just a simple stop and go button..according to Google you don’t need controls you simply tell the car where you want to go and voila! With a a top speed of 25mph there is no fear of speeding! The car uses a series of cameras, sensors and software, the combination of which enable the car to drive without the need of controls or a human driver.

Livescribe Echo Smartpen

The Livescribe Echo Smartpen allows you to record audio while you’re taking notes, and then play them back later. You can save and share interactive notes to your computer, iPad or iPhone via a micro-USB connector that also allows you to recharge your pen. The memory storage holds 400 or 800 hours of recorded audio, depending on the model, and includes an OLED display that makes it easy to navigate smartpen apps

Form 1 3-D Printer

TIn October 2012, Formlabs publicly announced its first product, the Form 1 3D printer, in a Kickstarter campaign that raised a record breaking $2.95 million in funding making the Form 1 one of the most highly funded crowdfunding projects of all time. Form 1 3D printers began shipping to backers in May of 2013. The Form 1 uses a 3D printing process known as stereolithography, wherein liquid resin is cured, or transformed, into a solid material by the application of laser light. Although previously available in larger, more expensive machines, the Form 1 offers stereolithography in a smaller, more affordable desktop-class device.